Office Manager

Personal Information.

A brief information about my self is given here.


I was born in my native village 78-5/L (which is almost 12 km away from main city) Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan on 4th Nov 1983. We are 5 brothers and sisters. 3 sisters and 2 brothers. 3 sisters are elder than me and my brother is younger than me. My father is retired from Pakistan Army. I got married in August 16-2008. Now my parents are living in Sahiwal, Pakistan and I am living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Since Jan-9-2010.


I have started my education from Army Public School, Kharian Cantt, Pakistan in 1990. I have done my Nursery class there and then my father was transferred to Gujranwala Cantt in 1991 where I completed my matriculation in 2000 and Intermediate(Pre-medical) in 2002 from Army Public School & College Gujranwala Cantt, Pakistan. I was interested to get admission in Medical college, butt unable to get due to less marks. Then I done my graduation (BSc) in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, in 2004 from Government Islamia College Gujranwala City which was affiliated with Punjab University, Lahore. During my job in Abbott Labs I did my   MBA from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan in 2009.

In my studies.

·        I am hard working.

·        Have strong understanding power of subjects.

·        More than theory, I was proficient in doing Practical in Lab.

·        My drawing was extraordinary good.

·        My Bio was strongest subject during my studies. Physics was least.

·        I was weak in spellings.

·        My hand writing was very poor.

In Extra-curricular activities.

·        First time I participated in Science Competition at my school in fifth class, I made a torch light. I got a not book as prize.

·        I usually  participated at annual parents day in different segments like in Drama , Color dressing Show, Qirat.

·        In games I played football and volleyball at college level. I was good in volleyball.



·        I have started my earning from teaching in a school after completing my intermediate( FSc) in 2003 in a public school in Gujranwala Cantt, Pakistan. I taught there for 3 months.

·        I got my second job in a form of home tuition during my gradation in 2003-2004, I taught there for 6 months.

·        After my graduation, before my result I got job in Abbott Laboratories ( Pakistan) Ltd in July 2004 and I served there till Jan 08-2010.

§      I started my career as medical representative due to keen interest in medicine.

§      I gave outstanding results during my service in Abbott Labs.


                    As a person everyone has some good habits or some bad, as would I have. A brief detail of my personal profile is given here.

  • I am a polite, not very talkative , friendly person. I don’t want to showoff my self.
  • I always live in PRESENT situation and always very much practical.
  • I always ready to help others.
  • I am not very much sentimental & sensitive, I don’t know it is good or bad.
  • I am a hardworking person just believe in honesty with determination.
  • I have vey good decision and administration & management skills.
  • I become Overconfident in some matters.
  • I am not very much choosy in dressing.
  • I don’t care about my physical appearance.
  • I sometimes interfere in others discussion.


                    As it is a human instinct to like or dislike some things and its severity also differs vary individual to individual. I also have some interests, a brief overview of which is given here.

  • I like to study and want to learn new things.
  • I like Blue color.
  • I like to wear pent shirt in dressing.
  • I like to visit historical places.
  • I like to eat rice.
  • I like mangoes to eat in fruits.
  • I like ladyfingers in vegetables.
  • I like Black bike or car.
  • I like Hazrat Umar Farooq (RazeeAllahu Anhoo) as leader.
  • I like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as scientist.
  • I like Quid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as politician.
  • I like Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal as poet.